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Why YOU need a Bag Tag!

Well, not really you, but your child. You know those activities where every kid has the same bag, case, something and you inevitably bring home another child's belongings? What a hassel! Not only do you have another kid's stinky uniform (because your own kid's stuff if bad enough) but now you have to work out how to return it and track your stuff down.

Enter the Bag Tag!

These tags can be custom made for any sport, name, color, or uniform number. And don't just think sports, music instruments, backpacks, luggage for those overnight camps, etc!

Bonus if you love monograms! A variety of fabrics and fonts will level up your labeling fun!

School Back Packs

Has your school changed to clear back packs? If so, a bag tag would be perfect for that! So many are now doing that for safety - your student can have a clear identifiable way to spot their back pack.

Graduation Gift of a Bag Tag

This year for the graduating seniors in my life, I gave bag tags customized to their university that they will attend in the fall. It was a special way to give something custom for each one.

Of course, the Texas A&M Aggie tag was the most popular from where I live. Any school color can be customized on the shape of the state.

Check out my website for all the bag tag options. And if there is something you want but don't see, reach out and I can help!


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