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Steps To Making A Collage T-Shirt Quilt - Week 3 Cutting The Shirts Down Into 4" Increments

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Hopefully you have completed the first two steps and are ready to cut the shirts down into 4" increments. A good set of rulers will help with this process. See the list below to see what I would recommend.

The sizes will range from a 4x4 (smallest) up to a 16x16 (largest) and everything in between, including rectangles (4x8, 4x16, 8x12, etc). Keep in mind that these rulers will have the 1/4 inch seam built in so the 4x4 is really 4.5x4.5, etc

Take each shirt that has been cut from the original form and that has also been stabilized and lay it out flat. Use the rulers and take the best fit for the graphic on the shirt. you want it centered and some of the non graphic space within the ruler boundaries as you will have a seam allowance. You will be surprised at how different of shapes and sizes you will get!

This one is pretty obvious on which size to cut. Look at the next example, you could choose either way, there is no right or wrong! Just remember you want a variety of sizes.

Which would you choose? One is an 8x12, the other is a 12x12. I chose the 8x12, here is what it looks like -

Continue this process for all the shirts. I ALWAYS save all the scraps and extra material until I am finished with the piecing of the quilt. Just in case I need to fill in somewhere.

Here are some things that I have used to make this process easier. Some of the links are from Amazon and I have an affiliate account with them. A small portion of what you buy, Amazon will also send to me.

You can also purchase the material and cut them yourself!

The next post will be on the layout....this is where it gets fun! Keep the stabilizer and rulers handy, you will need them for the next step as well!

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