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Why Should I Label My Quilt?

Whether a quilt is for you or for a gift, you should ALWAYS label it! I was not always like grandmother had some quilts in her garage and after she passed, my mom brought them home and washed them. I wanted to know the story behind them, but it was hard as we didn't even have a year to begin researching and asking family members!

This was her quilt -

There were several that were the same coloring and we figured they were around the same time period but didn't know for sure.

So, now I am here to be an advocate for quilt labels! No two labels have to be the same - you can make it as simple or intricate as you like.

What do I put on a label?

Most labels have at the minimum the year it was made on it. Other things you can include are:

  • Name of pattern

  • Who made it

  • Who it was for

  • A quote

  • A special verse

  • The year

  • Geographical location

How can I label my quilt?

You could use a fabric marker to write it on the back, you can write information on a piece of extra fabric and adhere it by heat n bond or sew it by machine or hand. You can do decorative stitches or you can use a blind stitch.

I have found that my embroidery machine works great for labels. I have been using these on my graduation t-shirt quilts.

I have decided to keep some basic colors on hand that will go with most quilts. My customers love they can choose a font and border and it is just that easy!

My motto is simple is better than not complete! Plus it takes the stress and pressure off of you!

Help! I want a label but don't know where to start!

No worries! I have some available on my website that you can custom order. I am happy to ship to anywhere in the US. Check us out!

Feel free to send a message if you have questions! I will be looking for all the labels that you create!


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