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Gifts for May-cember!

You know it is the end of the school year when the calendar fills up with ALL of the end of year school things...can we say programs, awards, banquets, teacher appreciation, graduation, oh and mothers day! In my case - it is all of that x7 because of all the kids in our home! I call it May-cember because it really starts to feel like a second December!

This year, I decided to make some machine embroidered canvas bags with lots of goodies for the teachers, staff, and all the people that help out with our kids on a daily basis. I filled the bags with summer goodies like a face mask, stress ball, sunscreen, snacks, etc.

I used 3mm embroidery foam from Sulky and a fun font from Applique Alley to create a 3D puff monogram with colors that matched the zipper of each bag!

The bags I used !

I randomly selected colors for each teacher - that way I didn't have to overanalyze who should get what. Here are some of the finished ones -

I filled each with a little bit of tissue paper and then all the goodies! Finished off in a simple brown gift bag with more tissue paper (of course it had to coordinate with the colors of the bags!).

Hope I gave you some inspiration! If you want to make it really easy, just place an order on my website!

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